You cannot deconstruct unless you know how to construct. - Alexander McQueen

The Owls Are Not What They Seem permalink

David Lynch’s television series, “Twins Peaks” embraces the noir of the Pacific Northwest with its mood, mythos and style. A foil exists between the Pacific Northwest logger/grunge type and the classic detective with a Brylcreem coiffure. Pale skin with red lips, pencil skirts and classic Pendleton plaids establish the Twin Peaks style.

audrey at one eyed jacks.jpg
Audrey at One-Eyed Jack’s, from David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”

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Camping With His Matchfactory Workers permalink

Many designers trot the globe to invoke inspiration. The designers behind Ivana Helsinki simply go camping in their backyard. The cheery, whimsical prints are originally inspired by Scandinavian camping trips in the 70’s. Paola Suhonen’s designs are wearable and charming all at once. The collections have grown out of almost folklorish origins: “…the globe’s most northern match factory in the dark uninhabited wildwood of eastern Helsinki”.

Ivana Helsinki a/w 2005-6
image: Ivana Helsinki a/w 2005-6

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