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Anja Dragan Imagines A World Where Our Superselves Would Live permalink

I am always rewarded by a stop at BPB, this time for an introduction to the work - or the world, in this case - of Anja Dragan. Below are brilliant looks from MES DIX VIES, her 2012 BA graduate collection for the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. In her back and forth with Branko Popović she said that, “[The collection] was all about a new beginning. About a new world where everything is still bright and pure. A new world where our super-selves would live.”

anja dragan 1.jpg

anja dragan 2.jpg

I love what she did with the fabric for the following look. It’s as if her world is so new that the mud has just dried:

anja dragan 3.jpg

anja dragan 4.jpg

anja dragan 5.jpg

anja dragan 6.jpg