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Ali Abdulrahim’s REVELATUS Collection permalink

Many thanks to Branko Popović for introducing me to the work of Ali Abdulrahim. His graduate collection, REVELATUS, showcases outstanding embroidery skills and striking silhouettes.

ali abdulrahim revelatus 1.jpg

ali abdulrahim revelatus 2.jpg

Influences include Magritte’s The Return of the Flame, clergy vestments and the typical Maasai color palette. Abdulrahim moved from Ghana seven years ago to pursue his studies in Belgium, graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts of Sint-Niklaas in June. I look forward to seeing more from Abdulrahim, as his own label, apparently, is forthcoming.

ali abdulrahim revelatus 3.jpg

ali abdulrahim revelatus 4.jpg

ali abdulrahim revelatus 5.jpg

More photos of the collection and a chat with the designer at BPB. More on REVELATUS here.