You cannot deconstruct unless you know how to construct. - Alexander McQueen

The Lost Gareth Pugh Star Trek Episode and Other S/S 2011 Highlights permalink

The lost episode opens with Kirk, Spock and Bones beaming down to a retrofuturistic planet. Gareth Pugh has engineered a “progressive” race that lacks the ability to emote. “Everyone is perfect here”, says Kirk rhetorically, “too perfect“. A philosophical debate about human emotion breaks out in the background between Spock and Bones. Conveniently, the Gareth Pugh race has a dire conflict that can only be resolved with Kirk’s human emotions, revealing that the race isn’t so progressive after all. The show comes to a close with everyone back on the bridge of the Enterprise poking fun at Spock, the scene fading to black with a close-up of the captain’s grin.

gareth pugh cover.jpg
Exoskeletal for Spring/Summer 2011 at Gareth Pugh

gareth pugh 4.jpg
Gareth Pugh S/S 2011

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Favorites from London Fashion Week permalink

Despite sifting through all manner of draped, sand colored (wet, dry, sparkling, etc.) clothes and getting stuck in a 80s revival hall of mirrors, there were a few shows that stood out at London Fashion Week. Gareth Pugh said his s/s 2007 collection was inspired by the 1985 fantasy film, “Legend”. It has been a while since I’ve seen the film, which was a favorite during childhood, but I’m at a loss recognizing anything of it in his clothes. Either he’s approaching it from the obliquest of all possible angles, or there are answers to be found in the Director’s Cut. Who knows. I see more of a Harlequin/Rubik’s Snake/Anime sort of vibe. Regardless of his interpretation of the movie, his show was future-perfect.

gareth pugh cover.jpg
Gareth Pugh s/s 2007

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Combining Color: Part II - Urban Cues permalink

When a color scheme is inspired by an urban environment, it’s not so much about pulling together different colors as it is combining shades along a continuum of the same color. Urban color schemes, if not on a grayscale, tend to be washed-out. When traditional urban garb is grayscale, greater attention is paid to the silhouette - the architecture of the silhouette mimics the architecture of a cityscape. This description defines the first of two genuinely urban looks: the Urbane and the Post-Apocalyptic Urban Primitive.

YSL post cover photo.jpg
image: Yves Saint Laurent a/w 2006-7

Undercover post cover photo.jpg
image: Undercover a/w 2006-7

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