You cannot deconstruct unless you know how to construct. - Alexander McQueen

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Variations in menswear are spun from a few basic ingredients and when the occasion calls for formal dress, it is understood to be - or at least I understand it to be - a suit and tie affair. Regulation uniform. Where a woman’s cluster of diamonds or crystal beading catches a person’s eye a man must rely on his charisma, reputation and at times his tailor to stand out. I understand so little about menswear and am likely minimizing its potential, but I believe a man looks best in basics. So, instead of listing favorite menswear designers (the list is very short), I thought I would approach it from another angle: if I designed menswear, who would be my muse? Asano Tadanobu.

asano tadanobu soen december 2005.jpg
Asano Tadanobu, SO-EN December 2005

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