You cannot deconstruct unless you know how to construct. - Alexander McQueen

The Anti-Fug Ordinance: An Unavoidable Essay permalink

…or at least I wish for an anti-fug ordinance. This post is dedicated to the Fug Girls, who give the gift of spontaneous laughter to the world. They write in verse (4th item)! What dedication!

We have entered the age of Style Amnesia. We wake up and turn on the television or flip through US Weekly to be guided in our dress. “Ooooh. Low-rise jeans today. Multiple layers of draped jersey today. Oversized leather belt and oversized sunglasses today. Ballet flats today. That’s so hot. I’m gonna look awesome….” Trouble is, this trend is stagnant and has been mercilessly stuck in a perpetual feedback loop for years now. In this country, those with an effortless individual style are fast becoming a rare breed.

Lohan Fug.jpg
image: Lindsay Lohan

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