You cannot deconstruct unless you know how to construct. - Alexander McQueen

Selene Giorgi’s Soft Architecture permalink

Fashion week is now running its course in Milan, where apparently there is a, “fashion for the people movement” underway - designers bringing the goods closer to the end user by staging their shows in public venues. “Roberto Cavalli and Frankie Morello will strut their creations in public venues, including a transparent hall built in the central Duomo cathedral square”. So, fashion week is being marketed as a more transparent, all-inclusive event aimed to dazzle tourists and followers of fashion alike. But remember that there is still a wall there, even if you can see through it. In Milan there are much more intimate experiences to be had, such as visiting Selene Giorgi’s workshop where there are no barriers to separate you from the designer and her clothes.

selene giorgi resized.jpg
Selene Giorgi in her atelier.

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