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Donna Rhae Marder’s Lace and Wire Teapots permalink

For folks near Cambridge, MA, the Mobilia Gallery is showing “The Teapot Redefined 2010″ now until at least November 6th. Donna Rhae Marder’s sewn lace and wire teapots are included in this exhibit, which “explores the possibilities of the teapot form” using a variety of techniques and materials.

lace teapot cover 1.jpg
“Oval Geometric Lace Teapot”

lace teapot cover detail.jpg
“Oval Geometric Lace Teapot”, detail

Marder’s teapots are an homage to her mother, who passed away earlier this year. They are brilliantly crafted from her lace garments.

Steaming Lace Tea Pot.jpg
“Steaming Lace Teapot”

Beige Lace Tea Pot.jpg
“Beige Lace Teapot”

Beige Lace Tea Pot detail.jpg
“Beige Lace Teapot”, detail

Donna Rhae Marder’s Nonillusionist Drive permalink

Perhaps it makes sense that Donna Rhae Marder has never made wearable garments aside from Halloween costumes. Pieces from her “Paper, Scissors, Thread” collection seem to be tailored to fit phantoms, the shapes molded by all of the small disappointments of girlhood. “In 2001 I began working on a series of little girls’ dresses. These works are material manifestations of lost girlhood. They are physical expressions of small disappointments, like unfulfilled parental fantasies, and large tragedies, like lost and missing children. The poetic foundation for this work is poignant but not hopeless. Despite heartache and loss, we can recall the bright hope and promise of every child and retire our fantasies. Finally, I named the pieces for specific girls, though I could have probably named them all for my own little self.”

snapshot dress (for catherine) 2004 sewn photographs papers and buttons suze 4 dress.jpg
Marder’s “Snapshot Dress” (for Catherine), sewn photographs, papers and buttons size 4 dress

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