You cannot deconstruct unless you know how to construct. - Alexander McQueen

Entanglement at John Rocha, Lagerfeld Channels Werther de Goethe, Medievalism, Moulded Hourglass Shapes and the Tie Stain for Fall 2011 permalink

Favorite looks for the F/W 2011-2012 season come from John Rocha, Junya Watanabe, Valentino, Mary Katrantzou, Thakoon and Alexander McQueen. Trends include Medievalism, moulded hourglass shapes, fuzzy skirts and oversized, misshapen coats. And the humble tie stain makes an appearance at Anne-Sofie Back.

John Rocha cover.jpg
John Rocha Fall 2011

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Harris Tweed’s Mark of the Orb permalink

Recalling memories of raising sheep in southern Idaho is a life far removed from the constant city-hopping I’ve done over the past several years. The sheep operation was physically and financially demanding with little free time, but what I miss is my connection with natural surroundings, being part of a greater organic whole. Catherine Campbell, a Harris Tweed cloth producer from the Isle of Harris, relates to me this connection I’ve lost over the years: “Harris Tweed is well known for the colours of the cloth representing the landscape. I think the most beautiful colours are those we see around us, wool blends that have a touch of brown from the hills, yellow and red flecks of flowers, together with hints of purple heather or the different shades of blue, green and turquoise in the sea.”

harris tweed sheep tea cozie cover.jpg
Harris Tweed teacosy from Harris Tweed and Knitwear

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The Dominion of Subtle permalink

Learning how to sew and design clothes leads us through many stages of development. These stages are borne out differently for all of us, depending on how we are taught. Early stages might be dominated by prints with simpler patterns. Intermediate stages are an exploration of various color and fabric combinations, along with silhouettes from the past. A good many designers – while they may have a fine command of the craft - find comfort or success at an intermediate level of development. Masters, however, have acquired such a fine-tuned attention to detail embracing all aspects of design that the effect they achieve has graduated to the realm of subtlety.

Chanel spring 2006 couture.jpg
image: Chanel spring 2006 couture

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