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Begging for an Eddy and Pats Treatment

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

the silence room at selfridges.jpg
Shop. Meditate. Shop some more. The Silence Room at Selfridges, London.

Selene Giorgi’s Soft Architecture

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Fashion week is now running its course in Milan, where apparently there is a, “fashion for the people movement” underway - designers bringing the goods closer to the end user by staging their shows in public venues. “Roberto Cavalli and Frankie Morello will strut their creations in public venues, including a transparent hall built in the central Duomo cathedral square”. So, fashion week is being marketed as a more transparent, all-inclusive event aimed to dazzle tourists and followers of fashion alike. But remember that there is still a wall there, even if you can see through it. In Milan there are much more intimate experiences to be had, such as visiting Selene Giorgi’s workshop where there are no barriers to separate you from the designer and her clothes.

selene giorgi resized.jpg
Selene Giorgi in her atelier.


Fernanda Yamamoto

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Fernanda Yamamoto’s Summer 2011 collection is sweet to both mind and eye. Her debut at São Paulo Fashion Week earlier this month is an interpretation of aerial photos of the city. “I was inspired by the city of São Paulo but looked at it from a different point of view. The clouds played an important role in the inspiration, specifically because I looked at some images of clouds reflected in buildings.”

fernanda yamamoto cover.jpg
Fernanda Yamamoto Summer 2011


Morales Provokes Beautiful Movement

Monday, November 6th, 2006

A nomadic lifestyle demands that you streamline. Shed anything that resists movement, whether that means possessions that are too awkward to move or quirks in your behavior that are too awkward to adapt. You learn as you go, being careful to keep values intact and yet flexible enough to adopt new perspectives. Perhaps having had a nomadic life is what gives Renata Morales her willingness to experiment. Born in Mexico City, she lived in Paris and the U.S. before moving to Canada. The variations on pleated fabrics for her spring/summer 2007 collection emphasize movement. “I’m always trying to experiment with new things and learn as I go…I had never worked with a pleater before and started trying all kinds of treatments to hopefully arrive at an exciting product in the end. Pleating in light fabrics mixed with different weights provokes beautiful movement.”

renata morales ss 2007 show 1.jpg
Morales s/s 2007


Delilah Crown: A Jewel in San Francisco

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Delilah Crown is a puzzle piece that fits perfectly into the larger picture of North Beach, San Francisco. Otherwise known as Little Italy and a casual home to the Beat Generation, North Beach and its tradition of eclecticism is as authentically San Franciscan as it gets. Owner of Delilah Crown and designer of the namesake label, Kristina De Pizzol, says of her shop, “I fell in love with the space. The original small paned window from the early 1900s and the fact that it was next to Danilo’s Bakery - a fixture in North Beach for 40 years - sealed the deal. I love coming in early in the morning and smelling the bread and then going up to my loft studio to work.” With an atmosphere such as this it isn’t difficult to understand why the shop and its creations are irresistible.

Delilah Crown shop image.JPG
Delilah Crown - 524 Green St., San Francisco