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Thursday, January 31st, 2013

I arrived at the Comet to a girl barking, screaming and pacing the floor. The stage is so shallow and the venue so intimate (like livingroom intimate), that a band would be forgiven for spilling into the audience. After each of her thirty second barkscreams came a sharply contrasting, diminutive “Thank you”. During each song she walled in the microphone with her hair and hands, which might have accounted for the acoustic trickery. Or she was possessed.

Nearing the end of the set a guy weaves quickly through the audience, on this night a group of painstakingly subdued question marks. He was remarkably clean cut and becardiganed and I’m thinking what is he doing here? Shouldn’t he be teaching Sunday School or something?

No he should not, as it turns out about twenty minutes later, because he is Gaytheist. Well, technically, he is Jason Rivera, 1/3 of Gaytheist and the frontman for my new favorite local band.


Begging for an Eddy and Pats Treatment

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

the silence room at selfridges.jpg
Shop. Meditate. Shop some more. The Silence Room at Selfridges, London.

Tokyo Street Style, Dido Liu, Borre Akkersdijk and Blame

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Please forgive the free association below. I blame the coffee because I am a product of my culture and we overcaffeinate. (On reflection, it is disturbing that my huge Cthulhu tiki mug has become a perfectly acceptable single serving of coffee.) Really this is just an exercise in sloppily stringing together some of the inspiring fashion items I’ve seen recently.

We begin with a great article over at Tokyo Telephone on Coconogacco, or the Coco-Ten Exhibition at Trans Art Tokyo. The idea here is that the students are able to present their clothes in context before the fashion show:

…the design students of the Coconogacco school curated a series of rooms to contextualize their work which served as art exhibitions in their own right, and it is those that we are going to be looking around today. What you are going to miss out on though is the very real context of these rooms, housed as they were in a deserted seventeen floor building where you could comfortably go 10 minutes without seeing anyone else, all in the chill of the Tokyo winter, the only sound being scraps of found music before you accidentally stumble across a noisecore band rehearsing.

Chiaki Moronaga at The Coco-Ten Exhibition at Trans Art Tokyo.