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The Charisma of Asano Tadanobu permalink

Variations in menswear are spun from a few basic ingredients and when the occasion calls for formal dress, it is understood to be - or at least I understand it to be - a suit and tie affair. Regulation uniform. Where a woman’s cluster of diamonds or crystal beading catches a person’s eye a man must rely on his charisma, reputation and at times his tailor to stand out. I understand so little about menswear and am likely minimizing its potential, but I believe a man looks best in basics. So, instead of listing favorite menswear designers (the list is very short), I thought I would approach it from another angle: if I designed menswear, who would be my muse? Asano Tadanobu.

asano tadanobu soen december 2005.jpg
Asano Tadanobu, SO-EN December 2005

A hugely popular and prolific actor in Japan, Tadanobu is perhaps best known (if known at all) in the U.S. for his role in Ichi the Killer (2001). Some favorites of mine: The Taste of Tea (2004), Gojoe (2000), Sogo Ishii’s cult classic Electric Dragon 80000V (2001) and Rampo Noir (2005), which has recently been released here in the U.S. Some movie images:

asano as dragon eye morrison.jpg
Tadanobu as Dragon Eye Morrison (He talks to reptiles! He’s the man!) in Sogo Ishii’s Electric Dragon 80000V

asano thunderbolt buddha.jpg
…and Dragon Eye Morrison’s challenger, Thunderbolt Buddha (Masatoshi Nagase)

asano cafe lumiere.jpg
Tadanobu in Café Lumière (2003)

asano 2.jpg
Rampo Noir (2005) - nobody tackles horror quite like the Japanese

Very impatient to see Tokyo Zombie (2005):

asano tokyo zombie.jpg
Tadanobu and Sho Aikawa in Tokyo Zombie

The trailer with English subtitles:

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5 Responses to “The Charisma of Asano Tadanobu” 

  1. Mijn Schatje Says:

    very interesting blog ! maybe you could take a look at my illustrations, I hope you’ll like it
    mijn schatje

  2. none Says:

    Asano is THE man

  3. mrs hammer Says:

    He would look good in a mui-mui, there really is no way to make him look bad. I mean come on, the Afro in Tokyo Zombie… if that didn’t do it nothing can.
    jealous of Charra… Hell yea.

  4. Sigma Says:

    Asano is THE man, yes, yes!
    I totally admire him and his superior way of acting

  5. WhiskeyRiver Says:

    Check him out in Mongol,as Genghis Khan! He is soooo hot!!

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