You cannot deconstruct unless you know how to construct. - Alexander McQueen

The Owls Are Not What They Seem permalink

David Lynch’s television series, “Twins Peaks” embraces the noir of the Pacific Northwest with its mood, mythos and style. A foil exists between the Pacific Northwest logger/grunge type and the classic detective with a Brylcreem coiffure. Pale skin with red lips, pencil skirts and classic Pendleton plaids establish the Twin Peaks style.

audrey at one eyed jacks.jpg
Audrey at One-Eyed Jack’s, from David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”

The Pacific Northwest’s gloomy backdrop for Lynch’s parallel universe is more than just a setting. It is itself an instigator fueling intrigue, supernatural forces, hallucinations and dreamlike interaction between the characters. The universe Lynch has created is comprehensive down to the most astonishing detail, including the costumes. The following looks define Twin Peaks style:

josie packard with camera.jpg
Josie from “Twin Peaks”

shelley bobby and leo.jpg
Shelley, Bobby and Leo from “Twin Peaks”

special agent dale cooper.jpg
Special Agent Dale Cooper from “Twin Peaks”

doctor jackoby.jpg
Dr. Jacoby from “Twin Peaks”

scene from fire walk with me.jpg
scene from “Fire Walk With Me”

donna at lauras funeral.jpg
Donna from “Twin Peaks”

audrey horne and daddy tpbrewingco.jpg
Audrey from “Twin Peaks”

the log lady.jpg
the Log Lady from “Twin Peaks”

regional chief gordonn cole david lynch.jpg
Regional Chief Gordon Cole (David Lynch) from “Fire Walk With Me”

norma at the double R.jpg
Norma at the Double “R” Diner, from “Twin Peaks”

josie packard tpbrewingco.jpg
Josie from “Twin Peaks”

agent stanley fire walk with me.jpg
Agent Stanley from “Fire Walk With Me”

Nadine from “Twin Peaks”

shelley and the double R.jpg
Shelley at the Double “R” Diner from “Twin Peaks”

one eye jacks sign.jpg
One-Eyed Jack’s sign, from “Twin Peaks”

Diving in to “Twin Peaks” is a bracing cure for all ailments.

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12 Responses to “The Owls Are Not What They Seem” 

  1. ken burch Says:

    Loved the Movie and soundtrack - we are working on such a “non-linear but more life affirming with a splacsh of consequences for what was left un-done” piece. Soon after the release of the movie soundtrack DePache Mode went in a similar direction with theie “I feel you” mixes 1 through 8, and the regular release CD. One should check it out.

  2. bob Says:

    is ” the owls are not what they seem” a standard English expression or just a quote from Twin Peaks?

    please let me know


  3. justine Says:

    quote from TP :)

  4. karo Says:

    best movie ever!

  5. Momma Says:

    Twin Peaks really brought art onto the small screen. It’s the only show I vividly remember from that era. “I carry a log–yes. Is it funny to you?” Log Lady FTW ;)

  6. Katie Miles Says:

    I agree, Momma. In fact, I don’t think that Twin Peaks would have been approved for network TV today…

  7. Yop Says:

    The best show of the 80’s, Hands down, Feeling… story …. characters… it had it all…
    All hail TWIN PEAKS

  8. suzy lux Says:

    I always dreamed of living there, in a way. I used to sort of role play that I was Laura Palmer when I’d go to my little small town breakfast diner with my bf. And our waitress was Norma or Shelley :) I really miss that show.

    I agree, Katie, no way that show would be on now. Audiences wouldn’t ‘get’ it in the right way. I feel they’d kinda laugh at it (in a bad way), and just not appreciate it properly. It wouldn’t have enough fast cuts, shaky camera shots, etc etc (heh)

    As Audrey Horne might say, there was only one thing wrong with that show–it was perfect.

  9. Katie Miles Says:

    Well said, suzy. Definitely not enough fast cuts and shaky camera shots. Lynch was grossly negligent. :)

  10. Tom Says:

    “The best show of the 80’s”

    even though it was shown in the 90s

  11. Vive les années 90 ! (Twin Peaks I) | Ode à La Mode Says:

    […] Pour plus d’idĂ©es Twin Peaks, rendez-vous bientĂ´t pour la suite avec les personnages masculins. Et comme je ne suis pas la seule Ă  m’être rĂ©conciliĂ©e avec le glam 90’s grâce Ă  cette sĂ©rie, vous trouverez ailleurs d’autres photos inspirantes  - par exemple lĂ . […]

  12. Ap Says:

    I absolutely love Twin Peaks, but I don’t agree with the people that said such a show is not possible anymore today.
    In fact, LOST came quite close with it’s mystery and probably even surpassed it with the characters.

    But, yeah, such a show only comes along once a decade…

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