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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a British model with great potential. Though she has shot campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, SportMax, fellow countryman Paul Smith and has done some catwalking, she’s a girl I would like to see more of. As with all models who have successful careers, she has the gift of transforming herself in front of the camera.

rosie huntington whiteley.jpg
image: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Not much can be discovered about Rosie, except that she is a distant relative of Queen Victoria and favors fillet steak & chips above other foods - a “true British spirit”. Since she was discovered doing work experience as a booker at a modeling agency, she has the added advantage of knowing how to be photographed and by whom. A career in fashion is what she wanted, and for her sake I hope it is a long one in any capacity.

rosie huntington whiteley 2.jpg
image: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

rosie huntington whiteley 5.jpg
image: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Max Azria a/w 2006-7

rosie huntington whiteley 6.jpg
image: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

rosie huntington whiteley 4.jpg
image: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Vera Wang a/w 2006-7

Since information on Rosie is scarce, I would welcome any contributions…

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14 Responses to “English Rosie” 

  1. never Says:

    a relative of queen victoria? .her little sister flo would boast about it all the time …and she certainly doesnt ..hmm

  2. never Says:

    and i know more about her if you’d like to know …

  3. yeah?? Says:

    yeah?? then who are you then?? :)

  4. clea Says:


  5. fleur Says:

    my cousin works for the agency she did her work experience she got signed at and apparently she was all anyone was interested in and all the other models got annoyed

  6. monkeyspanker Says:

    She is a Tavistock las and a lovely one. i’m sure her parents r very proud of her. lets hope she isn’t the next kate moss. coke snorting fitti

  7. tiger eyes Says:

    i started at a similar time as rosie… and thats not the case about the other models. as far as i knew none of the models were of the bookers was a bit of a stirrer in my opinion. rosies a lovely girl… i remember one time going out with her… ive never seen so many men look at one girl at the same time in my entire life lol :)

  8. texas kyote Says:

    Rosie was AWSOME in this years Victoria’s Secret show 2006. I can’t imagine her having a day where she looks anything less than WOW!

  9. Isaac Says:

    I used to go to School with Rosie and have known her since we were babies, she is def one of the coolest people i have ever known, and i wish her every success, here’s a lil bit of goss for u, im not sure if she still does, but if u make her laugh really hard she kinda snorts…its v cute. go rosie!! x

  10. david martinez Says:

    I think i’m in love with her, and i don’t know her at all, i must of googled her a million times since i learned her name,i am an artist and through out high school i used pictures of Victoria secret as reverence to draw women, and Rosie Huntington Whiteley is now my favorite model.

  11. dr. pruitt Says:

    first the two taddies clea and fleur are a bunch of weirdo vegan aussies that don’t know their toe from the nose. everything they say can and should be discredited.

    okay on to rosie, she is a wonderful snout of a girl. i as 1st-ac for steven misel did a many photo shoots with this fine specimen and she is quite exquisite a young lady. yes she shall have the gift of a future!

  12. chandler Says:

    I’ve wanted to be a model since i was nine. i have been to this modeling school with barbizon modeling agency and i hear things about people not making it anywhere all the time. But Rosie is my idol. and every time i get a victoria’s secret magazine i always look for her in it. when ever i feel that i won’t make it anywhere i look for her picture and i have my confidence back :) MY biggest goal in life is to become a Victoria’s Secret model, and to meet Rosie. I wish her all the luck in the world.

  13. Katie Miles Says:

    Best of luck to you, Chandler!

  14. Ver mujeres guapas Says:

    Ver mujeres guapas…

    […] » Blog Archive » English Rosie[…]…

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