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“Gemma’s in a different stratosphere. She’s got that extra thing, that inexplicable thing.” This from Vogue Australia’s editor-in-chief Kirstie Clements. Australian Gemma Ward emerged a couple of years ago with the crop of “bug-eye models”, but was immediately set apart as a favorite of designers and photographers alike.

Gemma in Rochas

Some say Gemma is overused. I disagree. Her look is so mutable that even after countless editorials a good photographer discovers yet another fresh perspective.

gemma vogue italia 0305 2.jpg
image: Vogue Italia March, 2005

gemma city.jpg

gemma in mcqueen.jpg

gemma glamazon1.jpg

gemma in ysl.jpg

gemma in versace.jpg

Gemma’s rare combination of a doll’s face and supermodel proportions elevates her above trends. Along with a handful of other models that enjoy the lofty heights of her stratosphere, Gemma’s “inexplicable thing” has spawned internet fansites that celebrate a beauty beyond the routine march across Sports Illustrated.

gemma ruffles.jpg

I hope she remains visible for a long time to come.

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17 Responses to “Uncommonly Gemma” 

  1. Matt Baldwin Says:

    She’s stunning. Not your classic looking model. So, is it true they’re beginning to approach the rest of her family for modeling careers?

  2. victoire Says:

    My thought on seeing the first photo was “uncanny valley”; I’m still not convinced, my congrats to the the modeling team, but this version isn’t quite there yet.

  3. Spencer Says:


  4. Katie Says:


    Gemma’s older sister Sophie has been modeling in Australia for some time now. She’s now getting more attention internationally. Sophie’s taller than Gemma (6′!!) and has a different look to her, but resembles her sister in some regards. She attends university and is a published writer. She models in her spare time and from the little I’ve read of her being interviewed, she seems very intelligent. Her little sister is similarly well-spoken.

  5. Katie Says:


    It’s always interesting to see how people react to fashion models. Gemma in particular generates much difference of opinion. Some think she looks alien, others - like myself - think she’s a living doll. Which, I suppose, would be alien…

  6. Katie Says:


    Do you really think the team would create ai like Gemma Ward? Since it’s usually a collaborative effort, don’t you think they’d vote in favor something more along the lines of Victoria Silvstedt or Gisele Bundchen? Guess it would depend on what the team’s idea of beauty is.

  7. Layla Says:

    She has the same expression on her face in every picture.

  8. Mike Says:

    It seems the fashion industry continues to strive for ‘different’ looking humans to model clothes that sell to a market of 40 year old average looking women. I think the idea is: As long as they dont (cant) look like YOU, they’re IN.

  9. Taylor Says:

    she seems sad and lonely in her pictures, like the model Gia.

  10. Tina Says:

    you look very pretty in all your pictures.

  11. totallg Says:

    i think that gemma is really really beautiful, her look is so unique i dont think anyone can get more prettier than her. when people take pictures it doesnt come out nice and you think well they look much better in real life, my point is if gemma can look this nice in pictures imagine her in real life. and yea she does look miserable but name one model who doesnt because working in a fashion industry is very hard- the lack of food, being away from your family having to to finish work at 3am then waking back up at 6am so theres a reason behind everything. what i really hate is when people say that modeling is easy all you have to do is take pictures and do a little walk, BIG DEAL!…because its not easy not that im expirienced but you can tell from their pictures and their magazine editorials….they put it in such simple little words i can easily say that being a builder is easy all you have do is pick up a hammer and a couple of needles and start hammering away but its not that easy its the sweat and the muscles that grow each time you pick and land that hammer that represents the commitment and hard work….lol sorry just went into a big speech their anyways all i wanted to say was that gemma ward is really pretty and that someday when i turn 15 i get to meet her….
    p.s. i have someone in my school who looks like gemma and i am sooooooo jealous of her, i also give her THE LOOKS…lol

  12. anya Says:

    this is the most best one i have ever seen. i love the baby face. nice job, i all ways wonted to do that. But my life is not going that way.

  13. deniz Says:

    she is amazing ..she is my favourite ı love her ..beatifull

  14. Dea Says:

    she’s so perfect.
    that face , nose , lips.
    my favourite.

  15. Nanali Says:

    her eyes are or look red. she could have changed the angle of her chin, but from that angle, i don’t think she is reaching her full potential

  16. Nanali Says:

    and her makeup is NOT befitting

  17. Nanali Says:

    i like 1-3 and 5-8
    but 4 and 9 are terrible

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